Soft Washing, Pressure Washing, Sandblasting and Media Blasting Service in Hickory NC

C.A.R. Blasting and Surface Restoration, LLC are service specialists in Soft Washing, Pressure Washing, Sandblasting and Media Blasting. Soft Washing utilizes chemicals and low water pressure to clean most surfaces preventing damage to your property. Professional pressure washing services clean with higher pressure on harder stained surfaces. As a result, you notice the difference. Sandblasting is the age-old method of removing paint and rust from concrete, brick and metal surfaces. Media blastings  innovative technology combines water and recycled glass media. Media Blasting provides the advantages of reducing heat, creating less dust and easy clean up.


Mobile Media Blasting and Sandblasting – the Solution to Automotive Restoration:

Classic car restoration? Old paint removal? Not a problem with this state of the art sandblasting service. Because large vehicle frames and bodies are very hard to move from one location to another. WE COME TO YOU with our mobile setup! We can fully blast your classic car restoration project down to a clean bare metal. Therefore, the metal surface is left ready to paint, resulting in  little to no prep work. Blasting removes powder coating for a new coating.

Most projects such as commercial vehicles,large dump trucks and construction equipment have been painted with a special undercoating to reduce paint chipping. Professional sandblasting or media blasting removes this. Depending on the application, wet blasting or dry blasting services. We blast wet or dry depending on the application.  A contained area creates and leaves little dust. C.A.R. Blasting’s recycled media and very eco-friendly. Also, our biodegradable rust inhibitor rinses away with just water leaving no residue. The project is then ready to be painted or primed with no prep!


Car hood being sandblasted

Soft Washing in Residential Areas :

Your home is your most important asset, therefore when you house looks good, you look good. Make a good impression on all visiting friends and relatives.  We can clean the complete exterior of your home, driveway, patio, deck, carports, garages, windows and gutters. Mold or hard stains on any surface are easily cleaned at a competitive price.

Soft Washing with eco-friendly chemicals cleans some areas better than pressure washing. Concrete and brick driveways require special equipment for a better clean. Rental fees on commercial pressure washers add up and then there is the picking up and taking back. Life is hectic these days leaving little time to take care of some necessary chores. Save yourself time and elbow grease by hiring a professional.


Brick steps pressure washed soft washed

Pressure Washing in Commercial and Industrial Cleaning Applications


Whether you are Retail, Commercial or Industrial, your business exterior reflects your professionalism. A clean building and grounds makes you appear more professional and conscientious. Customers notice the small details.

C.A.R. Blasting provides effective pressure washing and sandblasting service to industrial equipment cleaning and maintenance services. Machine restoration rather than replacement decreases cost and increases downtime resulting in additional productivity.

Your fleet vehicles are one of your most valuable advertising tools. Most have the company logo and name on them. A dirty vehicle can give customers a bad impression. Customers know people who take care of their equipment can properly take care of them as a customer. Together we can make your fleet look top-notch.



Antiques and Wood Restoration:


Soft Washing and Media Blasting brings old furniture and antiques back to life. Light blasting a small layer of the wood exposes the beautiful new color underneath. Then, protect the wood for future protection. C.A.R. Blasting’s water and recycled glass and soft washing technique will remove paint, dirt and rust without damaging metal.

Wood deck chair being soft pressure washed

 Boat and Marine 


Looking for an easy way to remove stains, barnacles and bottom paint from your boat? Whether you have a commercial marine business or are a private owner, boats require a lot of maintenace.  C.A.R. Blasting’s mobile sandblasting system offers an effective hull cleaning service. This service removes years of marine-life and anti-fouling paint without damaging the surface.

Media blasting is safe for steel, aluminum, fiberglass and gel coat boats. Once the blasting process is complete your boat is ready to be wintered for storage or get a new coat of paint.


Pressure washing - sandblasting graffiti off brick wall

Graffiti Removal

Almost every business and municipality has a problem with graffiti. Residential neighborhoods even see their fair share these days. It seems like graffiti is showing up on walls, water tanks, trash bins, fences and ground areas everywhere.

Spray painted graffiti has been especially difficult to clean because it gets in every nook and cranny. C.A.R. Blasting’s eco-friendly sandblasting  equipment uses water and recycled glass at low pressure to remove graffiti from any surface without damaging the original finish.

Call us to remove your unsightly graffiti.




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