Residential Cleaning and



Your home is your most important asset. When your house looks good, you look good. C.A.R. Blasting and Surface Restoration, LLC cleans most exterior surfaces via soft washing, pressure washing or sandblasting. We use specialty commercial equipment to thoroughly remove dirt, grime, algae, mildew and stains resulting in a clean and renewed home exterior.

Residential property is exposed to the elements throughout the entire year. Build up of algae, mildew, dirt and grime not only looks bad but can result in a slippery dangerous situation. The exterior surface of your home should be cleaned yearly. Eliminate the chance of accidents.

Clean and properly maintained homes not only look good, but increase in value.


Clean the Complete Exterior surfaces of your property


Clean the complete exterior or your home, driveway, outdoor patios, decks, in-ground pool basins, carports, garages, windows and gutters. C.A.R. Blasting’s new eco-friendly mobile equipment cleans most surfaces without the fear of damage. Soft Washing uses small amounts of chemicals and a low pressure rinse  C.A.R. Blasting also uses heated pressure washing to clean vinyl siding, aluminum, brick, concrete block and painted wood. Over time carports, garage floors and driveways become stained. A low pressure wet sandblasting will lighten or clean most stains.


Do not paint over chipped and peeling paint. Rust will come through layers of paint. C.A.R. Blasting excels in removing paint, rust and corrosion – leaving your surfaces renewed, refreshed and prepared for the next round of paint.


Those decks look so beautiful when they are first built and sealed. After being exposed to the elements for even a short time, the wood darkens and becomes slick with algae and dirt buildup. If your wood is painted, it will crack and peal. With C.A.R. Blasting’s fast and effective paint removal system, your deck will be ready to paint or seal in no time. Let us help your outdoor living space look like a brand-new area.

Wooden banisters and metal wrought iron railings are charming and add eye appeal to your home. Railings are not always the easiest to maintain. Let us blast the paint and dirt off leaving them like new.

Fencing adds a decorative touch to yards and increases property values.  They can also decrease those values and make our homes look run down and diminish their appearance.  Whether fencing is wood, metal or composite, let C.A.R. Blasting make them look like new. Remove the paint, rust and grime leaving your fence looking new and ready to refinish.


Patios, porches, and steps are easily covered with slick, wet mildew and algae. This is unsightly, but more importantly dangerous.  Call us to clean this on a yearly basis to keep you safer.




In-ground pool basins break down from all the chemicals over time. When you are ready to repaint or install a new liner, let us clean and prepare your pool basin. Don’t forget about that concrete, wood decking and composite walkways around and leading to your pools. Let C.A.R. Blasting keep them looking new.

North Carolina red mud stains everything. We can clean and renew those brick, concrete and rock walls keeping them looking great!!


Outdoor furniture is exposed to the elements all year long. Replacing furniture can get very expensive. Maybe you just want to change your decorating colors. We can help you with that. Don’t waste your time sanding and scraping. C.A.R. Blasting can blast that old paint and dirt away in no time without damaging sandblasting.


Graffiti Removal

Vandalism is a problem for everyone. It seems like graffiti is showing up on walls, water tanks, trash bins, fences and ground areas everywhere. C.A.R. Blasting’s eco-friendly equipment uses water and recycled glass at low pressure to remove graffiti from any surface without damaging the original surface. Call for an estimate on graffiti removal.


Serving Hickory, Newton, Lenoir, and surrounding North Carolina communities, our mobile services come to your location.