Commercial and Industrial Pressure Washing and Sand Blasting Service

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C.A.R. Blasting provides professional sandblasting and pressure washing to commercial and industrial such as equipment, vehicles, machinery and buildings. Maintaining property prevents more costly replacement.

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Commercial Equipment Sandblasting Service


How do you properly maintain, restore and Clean your Commercial and Industrial Equipment?

Most heavy equipment coatings are formulated to last. But over time and use, the paint and decals chip and peel. Dirt and other materials build up causing rust. C.A.R. Blasting and Surface Restoration, LLC uses a new innovative technology called Media Blasting that will remove coating designed to be resistant to abrasion and wear. Media Blasting uses water and recycled glass to, in effect, sandblast.

Wet Blasting works more efficiently. Water does not compress like air does, creating more force than traditional sandblasting. Let C.A.R. Blasting extend the life of your equipment and increase your productivity. Call for your free estimate today!

Commercial Property

Professional Pressure Washing for Commercial Buildings and Property

The exterior of your building is the first thing your customers see. Over time, the weather and elements build up dirt, algae and mildew. A dirty exterior will turn potential customers away.

C.A.R. Blasting and Surface Restoration, LLC professionally cleans most exterior surfaces. Soft washing using biodegradable chemicals and low water pressure cleans most surfaces without causing damage. Whether it be brick, vinyl, concrete or brick, soft washing cleans fast and effectively.

Clean walls, walkways, sidewalks, entry areas and outdoor seating invite customers to do business with you. Not only do you look more professional, but walkways are safer when theyare free of algae an mildew.

Loading docks and trash cans are ugly and distasteful in the best situations.  Keep your hands clean. Call for your free estimate today.



Clean your Company Cars, Trucks, Vans and Tractor Trailers Advertise your Business

Your vehicles are on of your most valuable advertising tools. Customers know companies that take care of their equipment will more likely take care of them as customers.

Dirt and other materials stick to your car like glue. Most companies do not have the manpower to keep their vehicles clean with our mobile cleaning equipment WE COME TO YOU.  Let us make you look clean, professional and efficient.

Sandblasting Parking Paint LInes

Manage Traffic Flow by Making these old Paint Lines Disappear

Parking lot layout an highway traffic flow must be moved at times. But those faded lines are a safety hazard and cause confusion. Wet sandblasting will erase those old paint lines without damaging the surface.

Pressure washing - sandblasting graffiti off brick wall

How to deal with the Problem of Graffiti

Vandalism is a problem for every business and municipalities. It seems like graffiti is showing up on walls, water tanks, trash bins, fences and ground areas everywhere.

Graffiti cannot be removed with soap and water. It is usually spray painted on and gets in every nook and cranny. C.A.R. Blasting’s eco-friendly equipment uses water and recycled glass at low pressure to remove graffiti from any surface without damaging the original surface.

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