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Sandblasting Car for repainting



If your business provides auto restorations or body repair services, sandblasting is the quickest, most professional way to dislodge old paint, eradicate surface rust, and prepare the vehicle frame for a complete exterior overhaul. Powder coating is easily removed for a new coating. After this procedure, the vehicle is left with a bare metal frame, making paint application easier to do!

Large vehicle frames and bodies are very hard to move from one location to another. WE COME TO YOU with our mobile sandblasting setup!  We can fully sandblast your restoration project down to a clean, bare, metal surface. Your car or truck will be ready for painting with little to no prep work. We can sandblast commercial vehicles, such as large dump trucks and construction equipment with ease.


Cars – Trucks – Boats – Motorcycles – RVs – Campers – Buses – Utility Trailers – Fleet Vehicles – Tractors – Farm Equipment – Construction Equipment – Heavy Machinery


Great for Stripping:

Complete Bodies – Fenders – Doors – Rear End Housing – Frames – Hoods – Wheels – Aluminum – Sheet Metal – Fiberglass



Paint – Rust – Powder Coat – Undercoating – Dirt 

Car being wet sandblasted

No Warped Panels

We use a very Eco-friendly recycled glass that performs better than sand. We normally blast wet which has multiple benefits! Major reduction in heat is one of the most important benefits to using water and recycled glass media instead of sand. Your vehicle panels will not warp. The glass leaves a very nice finish that painters prefer. Paint sticks perfectly due to the minor etching.


No Rust

Now I know what you are thinking. “Water + metal = RUST!”  We use a chemical mixed with the water that is a rust inhibitor! The bare metal can stay rust free for up to 72 hours! Plenty of time for you to prime the surface and move into a dry location.


No mess left behind

The blast area is contained leaving less dust behind. Our media is very eco-friendly and recycled. Our RUST INHIBITOR is biodegradable and will wash away with just water. Your project will be residue free. You can paint or prime directly with no prep!


Powder Coat Removal

We safely remove powder coats from different types of equipment and automobiles with a method called water blasting. This makes the powder coat cold and easier to remove.


Wheels before and after powder coat removal



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